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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Lifestyle With Lupus

How irritating would it be if your immune system is killing itself, which eventually is killing you? The disease referred is Lupus. It is the inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues.

Early signs of Lupus

· Fatigue

· fever

· hair loss

· rash

· pulmonary problems

· kidney problems

· swollen joints

· gastrointestinal problems

· thyroid problems

· dry mouth and eyes

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Living With Lupus

What causes Lupus?

There is no definite cause that has been agreed upon by the medical community so far, but there are factors like genetics and lifestyles of others believed to be the reasons for it.

Risk Factors

· Genetics

· Women (90% of the Lupus patient are women)

· Poor diet

· Toxicity exposure

Food to avoid to keep Lupus under control

· Gluten: It is not easily digestible and hence this will increase leaky gut syndrome.

· Added Sugar: Too much sugar will stimulate the immune system and increase pain.

· Alcohol/Caffeine: Increases anxiety, damage the liver and cause dehydration.



Food to increase consumption

· Organic Foods: Rich in proteins and required minerals.

· High-Antioxidants: Reduces the oxidation process in your body.

· Olive Oil: High in proteins and helps to control the cholesterol.

· Water: Really helps to keep your body hydrated.

Precautions For treating Lupus

· Lupus can sometimes be a life-threatening disease and has a serious outcome. So, treat it with a presence of mind and proper guidance.

· Consider taking home made remedies over the chemical medication.

What happens when you have a disease like Lupus

Normally our immune systems produce antibodies that protect the body from these invaders. Antibodies are proteins in the blood that the body produces to fight off foreign agents. Antibodies do this by creating an immunity against unfamiliar microorganisms

And Autoimmune means the inability to understand the difference between the foreign bodies and proteins and this is how the immune system attack and destroy not only the foreign harmful elements but the proteins too.

Handling the unpredictability of lupus

You cannot control certain diseases, even with cure. Lupus is one among those and hence neither you nor your loved one should feel guilty of the happenings. To manage the disease with a mindful body one would need to-

Educate yourself

· Know as much as you can about lupus from doctors and specialists.

· Explain the same to your friends and family. If possible have a campaign of awareness.

· Provide your support to educate as many people as you can.


· Keep the POCs ready for all types of medical needs.

· Prepare the list of emergency contacts prior to an emergency.


Home remedies to improve your health against lupus

Avoid stress

· Have a simple schedule.

· Have no obligations

· Exercise and meditate

· Smile a lot

Avoid fatigue

· Take plenty of rest, have a good sleep at night.

· Don’t stress out yourself by doing everything on your own.

· Walking, swimming, and yoga do wonder in this regard.

Take care of your skin

· Avoid going out in sun. If you happen to go out in sun, cover yourself well.

· Avoid UV exposure. Exposure to UV induces the flare to lupus. Use sunscreen (SPF 50 or higher)

· Avoid dust deposition, dusty winds, and dirt on your skin. Keep your skin very clean and dry.

· Rashes are the main thing to avoid.

General care

· Get proper vaccinations regularly. This will help you keep your body healthy and safe.

· If you have cholesterol or high blood pressure, treat it at priority.

· Avoid all infection that would induce the immune system to come in action because that’s when Lupus affected immune system will do the harm.

· Avoid smoking and have a healthy balanced diet.



To conclude, all I can say is that this mishap can happen to anyone. So why not educate ourselves? Share this content to all your networks, to friends and family to let them know that you care for them.