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Lupus is an over-immune illness where individual immune system filters and attacks healthy tissues rather than virus and bacteria. The antibodies that are created by the body to fight any disease that comes to attack, lupus makes it difficult for the body to recognize between healthy cells and antigens. This disease also affects human critical organs like kidney, heart, lungs, blood vessels and also the brain. Pain, inflammation, and swelling are the among end results of lupus. Here is the cause of this lupus.

Picture of a medical chart for lupus disease.
Lupus Disease

Sun exposure

Lupus is case sensitive to the sunlight. Exposing much to the sunlight or even ultraviolet rays from fluorescent lights will result in high chances of lupus contracting. Wear sun green to avoid this.


It’s also a genetic disease. If there is someone in your family that has lupus or some form of autoimmune diseases then there is a possibility of it spreading to family members. But it’s not a must spread to the family members.

Medications prescription

A drug-induced lupus erythematosus is a form of illness that has been provoked by prescription of medications. The prescription that is related to DILE is like hydralazine, etc.

Hormones produced

There is a link between illness and estrogen. Human being especially women produces estrogen. Lots of women suffer lupus and they suffer more during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy periods.

Virus detection

Lupus is an over-active immune disease which attacks healthy tissues so not staying in close contact with infected people will be the key factor in preventing the disease.

Cold and flu

Lupus can begin to have an affect on you when you have a cold or even the flu. The increase in the flu or a cold will also increase the symptoms of lupus.

Lack of sleepiness

Enough sleep is required for a healthy body and mind. Overtiredness is another key likely linked to causing lupus.

Stress of mind and body

As stated Lupus is auto-immune linked to joints and muscle pains as a symptom, in addition to inflammation which is bodily injury and lupus, as well as anything adding much stress to human body like pregnancy.


Having taken a balanced diet that is enriched with grains, proteins, fruits, vegetables and dairy products can help much the individual from taking a diet that can increase to awareness to lupus.

Neonatal Lupus

Is a type of illness that affects infant mothers where it happens they have it as well.This disease produces antibodies which it carries it to the unborn child.


Lupus is an auto-immune disease which is been caused by the listed above. But on the other hand, it is very difficult if a person is affected by lupus because there is no definite cause for this disease. The above list will guide you on how to keep you safe to avoid lupus immune.